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Some quick answers to your melons of questions. 

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Watermelon water is simply watermelon juice taken straight from the watermelon fruit.

Our melon water is 100% natural, not from concentrate and made from just 1 refreshing ingredient, 100% pure watermelon water. No added water. H2melon is focused on giving you that refreshing sensation you need, without all the additives or preservatives that bring you down.

H2melon is naturally gluten, lactose and dairy free, so it’s able to be enjoyed by everyone with a thirst for deliciousness.

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Electrolytes are nutrients present in your body which are important for regulating your heartbeat and keeping your muscles hydrated. H2melon water contains electrolytes, and is particularly high in magnesium and potassium, which makes it an excellent natural hydration drink to balance electrolytes in your body.

H2melon watermelon water is flash pasteurised, which kills micro-organisms and other bacterial fungus whilst preserving maximum natural flavour and nutrients.

Along with flash pasteurisation, Tetra Pak cartons are used to protect the freshness of H2melon whilst enabling a 12-month shelf life.
Tetra Pak is an eco and socially responsible form of packaging which ensures food safety, product stability and is 100% recyclable.

Once opened, we recommend re-sealing your cap tightly and keeping your delicious watermelon water refrigerated immediately. Ensure to consumer within 3 days after opening.

Yes, H2melon is Vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

Yes, H2melon is naturally gluten free, lactose and dairy free.

No, our range of watermelon waters are 100% natural and preservative free. The sugar listed on the tetra pak is naturally occurring (fructose) sugar which comes straight from the natural juice of the watermelon fruit itself.

Absolutely. H2melon contains absolutely no genetically modified organisms.

Of course, if they love watermelon as much as you, they can also enjoy all the goodness of H2melon watermelon water. H2melon’s Watermelon Juice is a great choice for kids without any added sugars, preservatives and additives.

As H2melon is flash pasteurised, it is safe to drink whilst being pregnant.

Simply because H2melon is an all–natural product.

H2melon’s Watermelon Water is purely Watermelon Juice, 100% all natural juice with no additives or preservatives making it a healthy drink to buy.

You will be able to buy H2melon’s Watermelon Juice from your local Woolworths supermarket or Caltex petrol store from 20 March 2017.

H2melon will also be available online shortly, to find out when, subscribe to our newsletter for updates.


If you love our melons as much as we do, you can always ask the store manager to contact H2melon at and we can look at ranging our watermelon waters in there shortly!

Simply click on the contact us page and leave your details, and one of our sales representatives will be in touch shortly.

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