Straight From The Melon To Yo Mouth

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Sometimes the greatest ideas come from the most unexpected places, and the story of how H2melon came to be is no exception.

Wandering The Island Icon: Watermelon Tropical Refreshment Watermelon Drink with Cut Watermelon pieces behind Nevada Desert

David Freeman, founder of H2coco, first enjoyed the refreshing awesomeness of watermelon water on a trip to the Nevada Desert. With his mouth dry and the sun beating down, David was fresh out of his beloved coconut water. Amongst friends, he was soon handed a bottle of cold-pressedwatermelon and encouraged to drink up. The perfect combination of thirst-quenching hydration and natural sweetnessmeant it was love at first sip - David was hooked!

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With the weight of the melon on his shoulders

Fast forward four months and David is back home in Bondi. With the sweltering Sydney summer in full swing, David and his friends are heading down to thebeach when they spot a perfectly ripe and juicy watermelon. Remembering back to his thirst-quenching saviour, David decides it’s the perfect snack to cool them all down. After squashing the melon into his backpack –which now has both zippers busted open – they share the job of carrying it like an overfed baby. Down on the beach, they prepare to get stuck into that juicy beast when crushing reality hits – they don’t have anything to cut it open with! With their only thirst relief trapped inside an impenetrable shell, the boys admit defeat and head home. During that long walk back up the hill, with the weight of the watermelon on his shoulders, David conjures up the vision of H2melon – the thirst-busting wonder of watermelon, without all the hard work!

Watermelons in the palm of your hand!

Determined to make H2melon a reality, David spent the next 12 months forensically studying all thirty-three varieties of watermelon. After choosing the juiciest melons and perfecting production process. H2melon was born! The result is delicious, pure watermelon water in convenient eco-friendly bottles. It’s straight from the melon to YO mouth!

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